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Tom Payne

Project Manager

Father, Director of Sales

School District:


City of Residence

Niles, MI

Tom's Story

Tom Payne and his wife have lived in the Brandywine School District for over forty years, have three adult children and one grandchild. Tom believes that the family is the foundation of our nation, our State, and the very communities that we live in. The family and the individuals within each of our neighborhoods should have the opportunity to be all God has created them to be. He believes that together we have the privilege to do everything with our God-given abilities to provide the necessary support each family needs to have fulfilling lives. Children have the right to think freely, and should be taught how to think not taught what to think. Children should be given the same opportunities that we have been granted: to learn, to grow and the space to contribute to society with the knowledge we have obtained.


Like many of us, Tom has decided that he sat on the sideline long enough, disgusted with the propaganda that has been infiltrating the minds of those who are the most vulnerable: our children. He believes we need to, and stands with the members of this community that want to provide what is needed to ensure that the students of the Brandywine School District have the chance to receive a quality education without the fear of being indoctrinated by those who do not have the best interests of our kids at heart.


Parents are responsible to raise their kids and teachers are to be accountable to the parents for what is being taught in the school system. It is this imperative reasoning which has lead him to the decision to run to be a member of the Brandywine School Board of Education.


Tom's qualifications: he is a tax payer, raised three children and understands that we need to come together in order to protect our utmost precious and vulnerable gifts: our children.


That is why he is asking for you both your support and vote come November. He is confident we can make a difference together, and we can work to ensure that our kids are taught reading, writing and arithmetic. We can reinstate the importance of allowing our kids to explore the skilled trades as well as higher education. We WILL make certain that our kids will not be indoctrinated with the corrupt teachings of CRT, sexualism and ensure they are not manipulated to think that the color of their skin defines them as a human being. Tom promises you; he will be one of the many who stand up for our families and children. May God bless America!

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