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Michelanne McCombs

Project Manager

Mother, Medical Worker, Precinct Delegate

School District:


City of Residence

Niles, MI

Michelanne's Story

Michelanne is the mother of 3 adult children: Jamie (37), Lauren (32) and Jesse (31)  all of whom have graduated from Brandywine.  She is also the step-mother to Mathieu Veach (18) who is currently a Senior at Brandywine.  She has 6 beautiful grandchildren and one on the way: Kaedan (15), Rylee (10), Keaton (10), Addison (8), Blaine (4) and Braxton (16 months). All but one attend or will attend Brandywine.  She has a very strong faith in God and knows Children are our future.

Michelanne was born in Mt Clemens, Michigan but lived most of her life in Southwestern Michigan, graduating from Coloma High School in 1982. After high school, she attended Lake Michigan College and after two years, decided to marry and start a family.  After her children were older, she went back and attended Southwestern Michigan College to pursue a career in the healthcare field and is now employed by Beacon Health System. She is currently a precinct delegate and member of the Brandywine athletic boosters. 

Michelanne is running for a position on the Brandywine School Board because she wants to remove the Government’s plan to make decisions on what is to be taught to our children and give those decisions back to the parents where they belong. She will make sure that board meetings and agendas are completely transparent as well as allowing ALL parents the ability to exercise their right to voice any and all concerns. She plans on finding a way to include Trades back to the curriculum and make sure that educators are teaching just the basics, such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.  She believes that it is the parents' responsibility and only theirs in guiding their child’s moral values and life decisions.   

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