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Mary Macigewski

Project Manager


School District:


City of Residence

Buchanan, MI

Mary's Story

Growing up on a family-sustaining farm which bordered on the Michigan border just south of Three Oaks, Mary's father worked for Clark Equipment in Buchanan as did many folks in the area. She was always attract4ed to the small town with its rolling hills and tree-lines streets. Two decades later, after attending Indiana University, Bloomington, graduating from the Business School then working in Chicago and Los Angelos in the brokerage industry, she married a native Buchananite and settled in Buchanan. She spent twenty-one years working for a local insurance office, coming to know many of the town's residents. By working hard to hone her listening and analytical skills, she helped people make the most of their hard-earned dollars spent on insurance.

Between her job and her children attending the Buchanan schools, Mary came to know teachers and school officials over the years. Last year, with both children long graduated, she began attending school board meetings to become familiar again with our local school system and see how it had weathered the strident progressivism sweeping our nation. One teacher enthusiastically described her SEL breakout sessions, the Board members seemed unfamiliar with the term at that time but nodded approvingly during her presentation. The Board viewed the audience warily from their position high atop the auditorium stage.


Three-minute speaking opportunities were stringently enforced and if a person had not filled out an information card, they were not allowed to speak. Most of the issues
brought up the audience member were not addressed. Attendance at these meetings showed Mary there is an urgent need for conservative parents' input on this Board and a need for the Board to commit to working with parents in the education of their children and stop dictating what will be done in fulfillment of an agenda.

Our children deserve an education that will enable them to step from high school and utilize skills and knowledge they have learned to successfully advance themselves and achieve their goals. Our children deserve a school board committed to learning what parents want to see their children learning, not committed to implementing an agenda handed down from Washington D.C. To that end, Mary is running to be on the school board and asks for your vote. She looks forward to working with you to restore your faith in your local school system.

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