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Luz Bargren

Project Manager

Mother, Business Owner

School District:

St Joe

City of Residence

St Joseph, MI

Luz's Story

Dr. Luz Bargren was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. She is the 4th child out of 8 children and is the daughter of Filipino immigrants.

She graduated dental hygiene school in 1997 from Indiana University School of Dentistry. After several years of working as a dental hygienist she decided to go back to school to become a dentist, graduating dental school in 2008 from Indiana University School of  Dentistry.
The same year she graduated she married Dr. Andrew Bargren and moved to Stevensville, MI. From 2008-2011 she worked at InterCare Community Health Network in Benton Harbor, MI as a general dentist.

After her son was born in 2011 she joined the family business, Lakeshore Family Dental. She and her husband have practice dentistry serving the community together since 2011.

Luz has two children that attended SJPS until 2021. She routinely has after school conversations with her boys and sometimes their friends. This is where she learned about some students inappropriate behavior going unchallenged. It often left them feeling concerned, confused and at times unsafe.

Also while attending the St. Joseph BOE meeting regarding the mask mandate in August 2020 she had an unsettling feeling. The majority of parents there were advocating a mask optional policy. Shortly after the 3 hour meeting an e-mail was sent out requiring a mask mandate. The quick and unanimous vote did not sit well with her.

These were some of the issues that directed her to run for St. Joseph BOE. Since running she has knocked on hundreds of door and talked to and listened to hundreds of St. Joseph residents. Her interaction with fellow residents inspired her platform. 

She would like to increase police presence to all schools, increase parental involvement, increase curriculum transparency, promote the trades and the military, focus on uniting our community instead of highlighting our differences, allowing teachers to focus on teaching academics,  removing inappropriate/sexualized books, preserving girl/women sports based on gender at birth, and the biggest concern voiced by teachers and parents is the lack of authority teachers and staff have to discipline a student due to existing policies.

If she is elected she will work with families, teachers, staff and other professionals to create policies to better our students and the community.

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