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Krystal McCully

Project Manager

Mother, Volunteer

School District:


City of Residence

Niles, MI

Krystal's Story

Mother of a homeschooled 16-year old son who participates in the district activities via the Niles Homeschool Partnership, Krystal McCully is a concerned parent running for Niles Community Schools Board of Education because she believes that parents know and want the best for their children.  

Michigan Code, MCL 380.10, gives parents and huardians the right to direct the care and teaching of their children.  Krystal will uphold the law and give parents every opportunity to exercise their legal and God-given rights regarding their children's education.  She will work to eliminate SEL and CRT from Niles Community Schools Curriculum.  She will vote "no" to any future Covid related mandates. 

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