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WTP Facts

(1) WTP includes a core team of approximately 60 members across Berrien County.

(2) WTP has recruited and equipped 25 school board candidates in 11 school districts that are on the November ballot.

(3) WTP has 20 candidates endorsed by The 1776 Project.

(4) WTP has formed WTPBC which is a Political PAC registered with the State of Michigan.

(5) WTP uses WinRed as its fundraising platform.  Find us at:

(6) WTP has a Facebook page approved for paid political ads.  Find us at:

(7) WTP's website,, includes biographies and pictures of each of our candidates and can be used to order election yard signs at


(8) WTP has successfully initiated eight school board recalls by submitting language deemed clear and factual by the Berrien County Election Commission


(9) WTP gathered more than 17,000 signatures in Niles, St. Joe, and Lakeshore to exceed the signature threshold required to trigger 7 special "recall" elections.  In each case, the County Clerk invalidated enough signatures to reduce our signatures below the required threshold.  Members of WTP have filed suit to challenge the findings of the Clerk. 

WTP Facts

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