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Dustin Blaskie

Project Manager

Father, Husband

School District:


City of Residence

Coloma, MI

Dustin's Story

Dustin Blaskie is a husband and father of two beautiful and intelligent elementary aged daughters in the Coloma School District.  Dustin and his wife spent several years engaging with school administrators in reference to numerous ongoing issues within the school, and due to inaction by the school administration year after year, they eventually withdrew their daughters from Coloma Elementary.  It was at this time that he started attending Coloma School Board meetings and personally observing how parents were treated after voicing their concerns to the Coloma School Board.  It seemed to Dustin that some school board members and the Coloma Superintendent seemed disinterested in the concerns voiced, while there was an extreme lack of transparency regarding funds being received (specifically Covid-related funds), what specifications the school had to meet to receive those funds, and how they were going to be used.  After discovering that Critical Race Theory had already been implemented in one of the Coloma High School classes and hearing of numerous issues that other parents were having at Coloma Schools, Dustin made the decision to run for the Coloma School Board.  Dustin holds an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and has worked full time in Law Enforcement within Berrien County for approximately 17 and 1/2 years.  Throughout his career, Dustin has had to manage chaotic incidents, make split second decisions while in high stress situations, and coordinate calculated responses.  


If elected to one of the Coloma School Board seats, Dustin hopes to bring transparency, honesty, and ethical decision-making to the Coloma School Board.  He believes that schools and teachers should be responsible for teaching academics and preparing students for either higher education or job skills if a student decides to start a career immediately after high school.  Dustin does not believe that schools and/or teachers should be instilling personal ideologies, political views, or pushing Critical Race Theory/Gender ideologies on students.  Dustin wants to help ensure that parent's voices/concerns will be heard and addressed, parents/citizens will be respected and not treated as "the problem", and wants to help implement complete transparency regarding issues/funds.  There will be no more responses of "You will just have to trust us".

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