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Don Ryman

Project Manager

Veteran, Retired Lawyer

School District:


City of Residence

Buchanan, MI

Don's Story

Don's father was a high school teacher with a life teacher certificate from the State of Ohio.  When he was growing up, the family friends were mostly school teachers.  Don's Late wife, Martha Payson Ryman was a granddaughter of Major George Eisenhard of the early faculty of Culver Military Academy, who started the Science Department at the Academy.    Her father, Colonel Edward Payson, was director of the Music and Fine Arts Department at the Academy, as well. 

Don graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University, is a Phi Beta Kappa member, and holds a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School.  He was a Junior Officer, U.S. Navy for three years.  He was Asst. District Security Officer, 8th Naval District, Legal Officer and Junior Officer of the Deck, Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Coral Sea, (CVA 43).  Don was also an Associate with Smith & Schnacke Law Firm in Dayton, Ohio for two years.  He served as Legal Counsel at Clark Equipment Company for 38 years, moving through the ranks and retiring as Corporate Assistant Secretary and Senior Counsel.  Don served as County Commissioner for the Buchanan Area for 16 years.

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