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Dianne Pecharich

Project Manager

Mother, Sales Manager

School District:


City of Residence

Watervliet, MI

Dianne's Story

I am 46 years old and grew up in a loving conservative God-loving family in a far-west suburb of Chicago in a small town called Batavia, IL. I am a Class Graduate of 1994 and started working in Corporate Sales at the age of 19 up until 2020 when Covid happened and the world was shut down. Then I became a stay-at-home mother and started advocating for our children.

Both of my Grandfathers were WW2 Navy Veterans. One of my grandfathers fought in 8 different battles and after the war, dedicated 60 years to fight for Veterans' rights as the National Commander of the VFW.  He then retired as a State Senator.


I spent many years of my childhood in the VFW and some of my greatest memories with him. He taught me what the cost of Freedom meant, and now I have seen how easily can be taken away. I worked with him on several of his campaigns and have always been his biggest supporter. I know that is where I get my fighting spirit and the love I have for Faith, Our Families, and Freedom for this country.

I moved to Michigan in 2006 with my high school sweetheart, Pete, and we settled in Watervliet in 2018. We have two children in the Watervliet School system: one child in middle school and one child in elementary school. I have been attending Board Meetings for almost two years now and haven’t liked what I have observed regarding concerned parents.

There has been a clear violation of State Law, MCL 380.10, starting with mask mandates regarding the mental or physical health of the children; quickly shifting to the indoctrination from the Federal government through Title 9 and the CRT/SEL within the local school systems. 


For these reasons, I decided that the only way the change can happen is to run the Board of Education at the local level. We need our parents' voices to be heard and get transparency back in the school system. I have been listening to people in my community and the concerns of the parents and students.  I want to serve the community that I love. I will never stop fighting for our rights.

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