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Ashley Grzywacz

Project Manager

Mother, Mental Health Advocate

School District:

New Buffalo

City of Residence

New Buffalo

Ashley's Story

Ashley is a devoted, conservative Christian mother of 5 elementary-aged students and step-mother of a college-aged student. Ashley has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Saint Mary of the Woods College.  Her work experience includes 3 years as an Assistant Manager at Bristol of Michigan City, while attending school full-time.  In 2005, she was an intern at Gibault Children Services.  Ashley has 4 years of banking experience, working at 1st Source Bank in South Bend, and 5/3 of Michigan City.  She also served others as a care provider at Pine Rest Mental Health of Grand Rapids for 3 years.

Ashley has volunteered at Queen of All Saints Catholic School in Michigan City, has been involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon for over 12 years, and has served over 100 hours at the Michiana Humane Society. 

Ashley values mental health and understands the dangers of social experimentation.  She believes that schools' primary purpose is to educate in the subjects of Math, Science, History, Language and Literature, not indoctrinate (encourage social justice activism).  She understands the detrimental effect of Title IV and IX interpretations and laws on the well-being of the student body and community.  Ashley strongly encourages all parents and grandparents to educate themselves about the current issues that our students and teachers are facing today.  She values critical thinking skills over group think.  Ashley understands that parents have the right and duty to teach their values and beliefs to their children and desires that all students are directed toward a path of success no matter what manifestation that takes (Trade School vs. College).  Ashley believes that our teachers should not be forced to teach radical concepts or ideas that go against their own beliefs/values.


It has become all too apparent that our public schools and higher education institutions are deep diving into politically driven leftist teaching and ideologies.  As a daughter of a public school teacher of 43 years, Ashley is aware there is a significant crisis in education today.  Many children have been negatively effected by the lack of in-person instruction over the past few years due to school shutdowns.  Teachers across the nation have been tasked with the responsibility to amend and mitigate this decline.  Neither the teachers, nor the students, can afford to waste precious class time on ideological, leftist curricula.  Ashley believes our schools must be responsive to the needs of all of our students, but not at the cost of truth and freedom.  She is deeply concerned for the well-being of our children as traditionally held values and beliefs are being replaced by radically progressive agenda.

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