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Angie Roberts

Project Manager

Mother, Jeweler

School District:


City of Residence

Watervliet, MI

Angie's Story

Hi, my name is Angie Roberts and I am excited to be running for Watervliet Public School Board of Education! I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Loyola University Chicago and completed the Applied Jewelry Professional program through the Gemological Institute of America.


I am a second generation jeweler in my family’s jewelry business. Most importantly, I am a full-time mom to Tallen (6), Benny (4), Grant (3), and Gemma (7 months.) My husband, Taylor, and I were born and raised here in Watervliet and we are excited for our children to enjoy the same schools that we grew up in! I have always aspired to be a parent that is involved with my children’s school. I knew when my oldest became school-aged, that I would start attending school board meetings to better understand our school district and be an informed parent. Last fall, I read through the bylaws of our Board of Education and I had a few questions. I approached our School Board President after a meeting to ask these questions and he told me that I should run for school board. I knew in my heart before that conversation that I wanted to serve my community as a school board member, but that moment really solidified my decision to run for this position.

As a school board member, I will listen to the parents, students, faculty, and constituents. Over the past few years, parents and students have overwhelmingly stated that they feel unheard. They feel silenced. There has even been a time where a board member of our school district told a concerned parent that her questions were “stupid.” I absolutely disagree with his comment. There is nothing stupid about parent’s questions and concerns. I will be the board member that listens and helps. I am not afraid to be outnumbered. I am not afraid to speak up. I will listen and do my research before making decisions.


I believe that a school board’s responsibility is to make decisions to provide the best education for the students and that includes listening to their biggest advocates, their parents. I will be a voice for those that need to be heard.


I am proud to be endorsed nationally by 1776 Project PAC and locally by We The Parents and Mr. Ryan Kelley (former candidate for Governor).

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