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Angela Seastrom

Project Manager

Mother, Veteran, Business Manager

School District:


City of Residence

Niles, MI

Angela's Story

Angela is the daughter of a legal European immigrant and a military child.  She is a mother of 5 children elementary-aged and younger.  Stepson, Gabe (10) and daughter, Aaliyah (5), are current Bobcats, and sons, Aidyn (3), Graesyn (2), and daughter, Mariyah (1), all furture Bobcats.  Angela is married to Mark Seastrom Jr, a Brandywine Graduate.  

Angela was born and raised in South Bend, IN, graduating from Trinity School at Greenlawn in 2006.  After high school, Angela attended Purdue University, West Lafayette.  Angela decided to take some time off of college to pursue one of her life goals of serving in the United States Military.  Angela enlisted in 2011 as an Administration Specialist in the United States Air Force Reserve Command.  During her 6 years in service, she achieved the status of "yellow rope" in the Airman Leader Corps in technical school during her short tenure, was promoted to Shop Supervisor at her home station, graduated the Community College of the Air Force with an Associate's Degree in Information Management, and promoted through the ranks from Airman to Staff Sergeant.  Angela also volunteered for the special duty assignment of Base Honor Guard member, participating in Colors Details and serving as the NCOIC on numerous 2-man funeral details for Michiana veterans, presenting the flag to the Next of Kin.  After separating from the Air Force to start her family, Angela decided to continue her post-secondary education by enrolling in the online Bachelor Degree program at Purdue University Global where she is completing the last few courses in her Organizational Leadership and Supervision program. She is the Operations Manager and Project Salesman for her parents' business.  Angela has always worked hands-on with her dad since she was a little girl, always defying the norms.  It is through her father's hard work and manual labor, that she learned valuable life lessons that established the foundation that made her the woman she is today.

Angela is running for a seat on the Brandywine District Schools Board of Education because she is gravely concerned with the direction this country is headed if serious changes are not made to reverse course.  She was never fond of politics, and certainly never considered herself in politics.   Angela's time in service taught her many things, the most important of which she learned from her career adviser, "no one will take care of you, you have to take care of yourself."  As a parent of young children who are not yet capable of taking care of themselves, Angela feels it is her responsibility to fill this role; after all, isn't that what parents are for?!  Angela is guilty, like so many others, of just trusting that the public school system had the kids' best interests in mind.  If anything good came out of the pandemic of these past few years, it is that parents are "woke" and are now paying attention to the indoctrination being imposed on our children.

When Angela was in grade school, the focus was Reading, Writing, and Math.  Pupils and teachers alike stood for the flag and the National Anthem was played on the PA system every morning.  When she was in school, pronouns were only mentioned when referring to their preceding noun in sentence dissection, not when referring to an individual in real life.  When she was in Basic Military Training, there were no "stress cards" when you couldn't take being yelled at, discipline was not considered abuse, kids had rules and did chores, there were no drag queens reading in schools and libraries, and Angela would dare to say there was not a racial divide, like the man would like us to believe there is.  Less than 10 years ago, small business owners were not forced to sacrifice their life's work and livelihood in the interest of public safety to the extent we have seen recently.  Cultural norms have changed drastically in a short period of time, and not for the better.  Angela believes that we can no longer stand by and let the "politicians handle it", because well, obviously some of them can't.  It is our civic duty to intervene when we see something unethical.  We must stand together - One Nation, Under God, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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