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We the Parents

Putting Families at the Center of Public Education

Faith. Family. Freedom.

We are a group of Berrien County Parents who formed to promote Faith, Family, and Freedom.

We are organized in 11 different school districts across Berrien & Cass County, MI.  Join our team and we'll connect you with parents just like you in your neighborhood.

JOIN TODAY and help us FIX our schools!

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We will SERVE your FAMILY by respecting your rights as parents to direct the education, care and teaching of your children.

We will NEVER contradict the moral guidance of the parent.

We will embrace PATRIOTISM, our HISTORY, our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES, and the CONSTITUTION that guarantees our FREEDOM.

We will celebrate American TRADITIONS and HOLIDAYS and will welcome all expressions of FAITH.

We will remove all forms of sexual, racial, political and gender INDOCTRINATION from our schools.

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There are several events coming up ... we hope to see you there!


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